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Fish text - test text on the site
What is the text "fish" is known to everyone who works with the layout of magazines, design and development of sites. This text serves to demonstrate how the content will subsequently look on the finished page, to see if paragraphs, indentation, and fonts look good. Such fishy texts, as a rule, do not carry any semantic meaning.

At the moment of creating the layout, the designer does not have ready-made texts, so a certain demo text is generated. Some studios prefer to write such text on their own, but more often they use ready-made texts created by a text generator program. Moreover, such a text has one indisputable plus - since it is not interesting to read it, attention switches to the layout of the layout, the customer will focus on studying the form, design, and layout.


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It turns out that the prototype is not a panacea.

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Eyewitnesses report hearing opposition crying

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